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We are a small group of collaborative IT professionals specializing in computer networks and security with emphasis on quality, not quantity.

Trusted by our Clients.

We treat our clients like our close friends and provide custom solutions based on what suits them not US!

Emphasis on Quality, Not Quantity.

We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right and we never make promises we can’t keep.

We keep it simple.

Huge offices and fancy boardrooms are not our thing but efficiency, dedication and honesty is.

Trusted by our clients.

We’ve been working with a wide variety of clients over the years. Here are just a few!

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Emphasis on Quality, not Quantity.

Huge offices and fancy boardrooms are not our thing but efficiency, dedication and honesty is.

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We keep it simple.

We are a small group of collaborative experts in Networking Solutions and Data Security located in Escondido, California serving small to medium companies in San Diego & neighboring counties. Established in 1999 and incorporated in 2003 by our founder and nerd David Toyserkani, a 27-year veteran in the industry.

Whether we implement a new network, troubleshoot an existing one or simply finish someone else’s project, we can offer you annual service & support plans custom suited for your environment and budget. Remote Monitoring & Support, Intrusion Prevention/Detection, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy and a solid Backup plan are all part of offerings.  We would invite you to see some of our clients, many we have been serving for over a decade.

We really know our stuff!

Our Mission

Strive for perfection and long term business relationships combined with honesty and straight talk policy.

Our Goal

To treat our clients as we would treat our close friends. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right and never make promises we can't keep.


We also specialize in Data Communications, Business Continuity & DR (disaster recovery) Solutions, and more.


Are you looking to start or upgrade your computers and/or network? Net Nerds can recommend hardware and networking solutions that fit the needs of your business as well as your budget. It is much better to start with a well-designed system rather than have to fix things when you have a problem. However, if you are having problems with your network or computers, Net Nerds can make recommendations and implement any necessary solutions so you be confident that your systems and data are safe.


One of the fastest growing areas of concern for business computing is security. Hackers and Malware (Viruses, Trojans, bots, spyware/adware) have caused billions of dollars in losses – and it’s not only the big businesses that are affected. Are you confident that your network is secure? If your network was hacked or crashed, do you have a reliable data backup or recovery procedure in place that will get you back in business quickly? Net Nerds can install the most reliable endpoint security solutions for your needs.   You worry about your business – let Net Nerds worry about your computers and the security of your data.

Software Solutions

Does your business require the use of specialized software? Net Nerds has extensive experience in many kinds of proprietary software and can keep your software up-to-date and integrated for maximum effectiveness. We have extensive experience in Cloud Computing as well as engineering, accounting, medical, dental and other specialized applications.

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Client Testimonials

A selection of our recent clients.

Hidden Valley Orthodontics
Donna Aeling, Director, Public Relations

"Being in the medical field and a paperless office, properly running computers are essential! I have never worried about our servers or the 25+ computers. David is diligent in monitoring and maintaining the security and optimal performance of our systems and the myriad of specialized applications we run!"

Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School
Estelle Workman, Director of School Administration

"Net Nerds has designed, implemented and maintains our multi Server network with 100+ stations and various security software & devices for well over a decade. That, in part, has allowed us to concentrate our resources on education and students rather than worry about computers and security or the expense of in-house IT department. We recommend David and his crew unequivocally."

Alliance Coatings, Inc.
Brian McKune, President

"Net Nerds has been our IT solution provider for over 15 years now. their exceptional service and expertise in security and proprietary manufacturing equipment, automation and related software has made David and his team an indispensable part of our business. We recommend Net Nerds with confidence."

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